Google Application Comparison

I have not heard anything about Google Trends and Google Squared/Square It. It is now that I have used and explored both of them. What a great search engine tools they are. I joined working with them, either forming the Squares or noticing the Hot Trends/Searches.

Both of them are more tools for an extensive, in depth and goal specific search engines tools. Lets us explore each of them and find out which one is better than other. Google Squared

Google Squared
No wonder it is amazing, I just attempted to provide “New York Good Hotels” in the search, here are the results. A square was built and the results are as shown below

Google Squared

Here are its details

  • Spontaneously forms square and get data from different sources and present them in the form of excel – spreadsheet on the web online.
  • The squares are termed as “Small Dogs”, when we try the same search term in normal Google or any other Search Engine, the data will be scatter and unstructured.
  • Allows the structured data to be presented in columns under headers. Here Item Name, Image, Description, Address, Email, etc are column headers.
  • Behind what we see, there will a remarkable amount of work involved to form a square.
  • Squared is a newer search engine tools which is discovered after Trends
  • It is accurate, computationally achieved search results and known to be as Semantic Search based computing
  • Allows the flexibility to add any new information as a column to the existing ones
  • Underwent an immense amount of improvement as it was been under test and research to enhance it under Google Labs for a year.
  • Users have always appreciated the way it functions and the amount of time that it saves for them
  • Publishes maximum possible of contents as search results, the significant things are highlighted and easily get noticed
  • Allows implementation of filters to cut short the data and retrieve only the required information
  • Made a big difference when it over took Wolfram Alpha because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

Google Trends

Just shown above is the snap shot of Google Trends when a term “Microsoft” was searched.

  • It’s more like a traffic analyzer to particular website, gets the often searched items information
  • Depicts of the searched item volume of item with respect to geographical regions, their cities and language
  • Enables wide number search patterns, the outcome is first a graph, time as its horizontal line and frequency as vertical being searched globally
  • Results are not accurate all the time, rather in many situations approximates and rounded values are shown.
  • Initially Trend’s data were outdated and were not fetching new results; frequent data update was not done. However, now the information is being fed on day to day basis without fail
  • Visitors and end users are more likely to be Online Marketing (Marketers)
  • Analysis of data/information is remarkable that is done at a deeper level
  • Analysis of website traffics is its main usage to track visitors and the time each of them spending in a particular web site and etc.

Following are the reasons why Google Squared is much better than Google Trends

  • A fine product as it underwent improvements and then only released
  • More generic and widely used, suitable for most of the searches
  • More number of visitors visiting it
  • Results are accurate, handy and presentation of information is more flexible

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