How To Make Money from Blog

Make money out of blogging, sounds interesting is not it? Yes, it is possible to make money out of your blogs that you post.

Points to consider/ perquisites to earn well with blogging

  •   Higher page rang provided by search engines like Google, eHow, Wolfram Alpha and etc.
  •    Site traffic – Good number of regular visitors
  •   Clear search engine optimization to be done to increase the search friendly level of the blog

Interesting facts on how to make money with blogs

  •  Money from advertisements egg Ad sense (from Google) – whenever a visitor clicks on the advertisement.
  •   By selling ad spaces on the blog (however, the blog should have high rank recognized by search engine)
  •   Commission from product companies – Encourage for affiliate link which are in association or partner links to promote their products. When a visitor purchases a product accessing a link via the current blog, a part of income is shared. E.g.  Clickbank.
  •   Advertise skills, market own product and introduce to the world about his/her profession, this way many new clients can be attracted and credibility with existing ones will improve
  •   Initially advertise and do brand marketing more for SEO – Search Engine Optimization companies to make sure your blog sites gets recognized and page rank will be higher.
  •   All the old projects which have been done should be updated so that this becomes a clear point of discussion for the new visitors to see the old credentials
  •  Case studies should be made and posted as articles on the latest projects on how your skills helped a person who was very much in need of assistance and how he is happy after dealing with you
  •   Have a preview of some interesting news given on the blog and the full story can be read only upon subscription from the site. Hence tie up with some of the online payment companies accordingly.   
  •   Avoid more of advertisements which are flash based, loading time will be more and visitors loose interest.
  •   Daily or hourly updating the blog would attract more and regular visitors and therefore the cycle of ad, links etc will multiply and grow.
  •   Part time working as a professional blogger for companies as blogger or content writer is also possible
  •   Develop people/visitors trust so as to be the better blog site for a long run.
  •   Apply the search engine optimization ideas to enhance the page rank if the expected results are not achieved
  •   Create modern, contemporary, up to date resource centers; publish the content on niche topic. E.g. Squidoo, HugPages sites which can be collaborated with.
  •   Provide Microstock photography for websites such as stock photography

List of hyperlinks of popular blogs or articles relating to the discussed topic.

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