My blogging experience…

It so happened when I noticed one of my friends was always busy with his laptop, chatting, blogging and all. He then sent me a request and added me to his community, I thought let me give a try and experience what is it about.

Is was a wonderful experience, so I went ahead and created one for myself, by signing in there, URL is free of cost. It has been almost a month by now that I have created my account and posted my picnic/trekking experience there. I then invited my social networking friends and some of them joined and shared their views and experiences there.

Here is my blogging experience

(a)   Do you think your blogging experience was a success?

Yes, it was a nice experience and can be called as a success, I got to see many comments and people shared their own experiences about it. It was nice exchange knowledge, helped to improve the writing skills. Perhaps, I was been recognized more when I shared and discussed my knowledge on the Information Systems topic.

(b)   Do you think you will continue to blog?

Yes, I think I will continue to post my blog/discuss for at least few years. It is a great thing wherein you get to know new updates, follow on something and more than anything helping needful people like students, etc. Also, you get paid which for the number of visitors and the time they spend.

(c)    What were the most difficult things to do with your blog?

  • Some of them difficult thing from my experience include
  • They get hacked and it is difficult to maintain
  • For blogger like me from a non technical background, learning technology like HTML and using it to design the page
  • Usage of images and it optimization was little difficult
  • The overall design of the web page and then every time taking the back up while updating
  • Some of the person’s comments were discouraging and trying to say that I am wrong, it was hard to convince them.
  • Understand about the blog optimization to include primary, secondary keywords, allow backtracks and enable for high traffic toward my blog.

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(d)   How easy was it to come up with new idea every day?

Ideas use to flow initially but after a while, people made me to think and I started understanding to them and responded in new ways. Often, I used to get the updates and posted the same. Apparently, it was more to do with your interest and curiosity towards the domain knowledge and ideas will follow you.

     (e) After this experience, do you have a new perspective on blogging?

Yes, to a certain extent. First, I want to become a professional blogger, I need to back up my blog template every time when I want to change/update something. It can be a good source of income and should be careful with Hackers.

After this long experience, my eyes have opened and point of view towards blogging is that

  • It is to broadcast the news, helpful in marketing and journalism (for uncensored news broadcasting)
  • It can be for personal purpose and can be made as an hobby during leisure for photographs, events just like a social networking site to stay in touch with friends.
  • In order to cumulate the customer feedback on new products, policies etc
  • For commercial purposes to fetch money out of each click on advertisement programs

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